CrossFit Couples

The 2014 CrossFit Open has begun and I am really excited!  Last year’s Games was the first time I have ever actively watched sport of any kind and I loved it.  I found watching the Games everything I had never previously found watching sports to be…exciting, inspiring and above all, fun.  A large part of the appeal to me was that it was something that my husband and I could do together, and I know we’re not the only couple that do.  We are one of many couples at our box (some of whom are gay, but that’s the joy of living in such a wonderfully liberal place as Brighton!)

Camille Le Blanc Bazinet and Dave Lipson

Camille Le Blanc Bazinet and Dave Lipson

Some couples like to have separate friends and interests and that is fine, if that’s what you want, but I love the fact that George and I have discovered and fallen in love with CrossFit together.  It gives us a fun activity to fill our spare time, it means we are always heading for the same goals (be fitter, be stronger, be better) and we have total DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) empathy.  We laugh a lot when we are at the box and a lot when we are at home.  I don’t get frustrated when he spends endless hours watching youtube videos about mobility and technique and he doesn’t get annoyed when I’m too tired to make dinner after Oly class.  I genuinely don’t mind if he ogles Camille and I think he ogles Chris Spealler almost as much as me.  One of my favourite memories of last summer (or the summer of love as we like to call it) was bellowing in a ‘Lucas Parker‘ style as we went for our daily dip in the icy cold Atlantic.

George and I on our wedding day last summer

George and I on our wedding day last summer

Lets be clear, my husband is way better at CrossFit than me.  I mean, he’s no Rich Froning but the boy can move.   Watching the hard work and effort he has put into developing his fitness and seeing how much progress he has made over the last year and a half has been a revelation and has vastly increased my love and respect for him.  I know that if it wasn’t for him I would never have started CrossFit.  In fact I would never have achieved many of the things that I have over the last 7 and a half years.  Yesterday was a day I have been dreading for a long time.  The day he booked his flight.  On 22nd March my husband of just 6 months (and they have been 6 blissfully happy months) is flying to Ecuador, where he will live for the next 16 months.  I can’t complain.  Many women have to face the agony of sending their husbands off to war and I am sending mine to do field work in the Amazon jungle.  But still, I am heartbroken.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am no longer the fragile, depressed girl that he met all those years ago.  I don’t need to be afraid of everyone and everything and eat my feelings day after day.   I don’t need to hide behind my man like a timid little mouse.  I hope that the next 16 months, without the unwavering love and support of my husband, I learn how to love and support myself and when he comes back I will be the 15.1 version of Joski.  Fitter, stronger, better.

* I apologise for the highly cheesy nature of this post.  In my defense it is still Valentines month (just)!

** Check out this awesome new promotional video for Reebok CrossFit Connect I can be spotted towards the end pretending to row but actually have a nosey at the film crew!


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