Day 1


Here are my stats on Day 1 (yesterday) of my 365 Day Health Challenge:

Weight: 67.5 kilograms/ 10 stone 9 pounds

Body fat percentage: 34.4%

BMI: 28.1

Dress size: 12/14

Bust Size: 34 DD

Waist measurement: 83.9 centimeters/ 33 inches

Height: 154.94 centimeters/ 5 foot 1 inch

I know that as I will be doing a fair amount of exercise (particularly weight training) my weight and BMI are not totally reliable indicators but it will be interesting to see what changes occur.  I am also not predicting that my height is going to change dramatically but you never know!

I successfully completed day 1 of the challenge by managing to eat paleo despite going out for a meal (when you go out with three personal trainers it kind of helps with the motivation!) and I also did an awesome WOD at the box.   So far so good.


Pickles the Spaniel puppy is a very welcome distraction from sugar.

Thanks for reading, I’m now blogging over at come and join me!


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