Slowly, slowly catchy monkey

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Week 3 of my 365 Day Health Challenge.  Again the results are not spectacular but they are creeping in the right direction and I have managed to stay on course despite being in situations where previously I would have eaten and drank my body weight in crap. I sat next to a full bowl of crisps for the entire evening and not one of them passed my lips. It is amazing what you can resist when that temptress alcohol is not coursing through your system!

Weight: 65.2 kilograms/ 10 stone 3 pounds

Body fat percentage: 33.8

BMI: 27

Dress size: 12/14

Bust Size: 34 DD

Waist measurement: 82.55 centimeters/ 32.5 inches

Height: 154.94 centimeters/ 5 foot 1 inch

So the biggest difference this week has not been in weight but in Body Fat Percentage. I have, inspired by my husband, done a couple of home WODs this week, which have been really fun.  There is nothing that compares to going to the box and getting sweaty with everyone else but with a few bits of equipment it is amazing how much you can exhaust yourself in the comfort of your own home.  Luckily for me the neighbours downstairs are not living there at the moment so even my lolloping burpees didn’t disturb anyone.

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