High days and holidays


What do you eat and drink at a wedding?  Since the last time I wrote that is where I have been – a sunny, happy, beautiful wedding.  Its challenging being away from home for someone on any kind of health challenge.  You don’t have the comforts of home, you don’t have access to the gym or box that you would usually go to, it is all too easy to stray from the path.  Add to that the double obstacles of bank holidays and a wedding and you can imagine where we are headed.  I started this health challenge because my husband had just gone away and I really wanted something to focus my mind on to stop me from comfort eating and bingeing on calorific, chemical laden foods.  In that respect it has worked very well.  With the exception of one occasion, which I will tell you about in a moment, I have eaten wholesome, healthy, paleo food the entire time.  Even through the Easter holidays and another bank holiday I stuck to the programme with good (if not incredible) results.  What happened this week is that in the face of a table full of beautiful cake and a fridge full of prosecco I, like any good little sugar addict, talked myself into making the decision to eat non-paleo foods.  These are the justifications I gave myself, I’m sure you will recognise them:

  • I have been so good, I deserve a treat
  • Its a wedding, you have to have a drink at a wedding
  • Its gluten free cake, so its fine (the bride is coeliac so anything with gluten was totally banned)
  • If ‘they’ do it, it means its okay for me to do it (followed by me persuading my very good friend Pipp to be naughty with me.  Sorry Pipp!)
  • Its just one day


So I had a couple of glasses of prosecco and some delicious gluten free cake.  I had a great time, it was a beautiful day and I loved every minute of it, and if the result of my decision was simply that I didn’t lose any weight, or even that I gained a couple of pounds this week, that wouldn’t have been so bad at all.  That isn’t what happened.  What happened was my body completely, utterly and violently rejected my sugar laden, deliciously indulgent offerings and I was very ill.  That night when I got home I was violently ill, and it continued the next day.  In fact my stomach has only just, 4 days later, recovered.   The week before the wedding I experienced an attack of IBS* at work and as I sat on the bus on the way home, in huge amounts of pain, what shocked me most was that I used to deal with this every single day.  It was a daily experience for me and I wondered why I was miserable and grumpy!  Nowadays it is so rare that at first I wasn’t sure what was happening.  That is progress.


So what now?  Do I have to start my 365 day health challenge from the beginning?  No.  Why?  Because I make the rules and I choose not to punish myself for being human, but I hope that next time I am able to make an informed decision about what to do, and realise that it is not a treat when it leaves you in pain or discomfort.  A treat is something that makes you feel good, not just in that moment but now, later that day and for the rest of your life.

*I have never been officially diagnosed with an illness and now that I have discovered a cure (a healthy, paleo style diet and regular exercise) there is no need to investigate exactly what is wrong with me, it may be Irritable Bowel Syndrome as I suspect, it may be Candida, but what I do know is that my body wants to be fed nutritious, delicious food and if I give it anything but, it reacts swiftly and aggressively.

Thanks for reading, I’m now blogging over at joskibyrne.wordpress.com come and join me!


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