After a few weeks of stagnating I have actually lost some weight/ fat/ body mass!  I have seriously monitored my food intake, reducing how many nuts I eat, limited dried fruit and swapped red meat for fish and chicken.  The best thing about this is I have still eaten plenty of food, I haven’t been really hungry and I have had enough energy to exercise.   I have been following the paleo/ zone way of eating and at the moment it seems to be working for me.  I have been making sure I get carbohydrates such as sweet potato early in the day (this has caused some raised eye brows at work as I munched on my breakfast in the staff room!)  So far, so good.

Weight: 65.8 kilos/ 10 stone 4 pounds

Body fat percentage: 33.8%

BMI: 27.2

Dress size: 12/14

Bust Size: 34 DD

Waist measurement: 80.1 centimeters/ 31.5

Height: 154.94 centimeters/ 5 foot 1 inch (same!)

Thanks for reading, I’m now blogging over at come and join me!


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